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Founders, Mac lovers and also a couple, we created Toffee over ten years ago out of our small studio apartment in Sydney. Back then, bulky black laptop bags were aplenty, but it was hard to find something slim-line and stylish. So we hatched a plan to design and create a product we’d be proud to carry and was beautifully crafted. With backgrounds in IT Sales and Design & Marketing we were a perfect match to design something that was both functional and visually appealing.

Our individual passions also guide Toffee’s range. Natasha’s love of colour and fashion, together with her penchant for hunting and collecting pieces at vintage and antique auctions inspire Toffee’s design aesthetic; reminiscent of classic and retro forms of the past, with contemporary styling.

Similarly, Hassan is always seeking out ways to evolve Toffee in an ever-changing environment. It might be at a trade show, but more often it’s in the quiet moments of a long-distance run, hiking Kilimanjaro or listening to music that his next idea will come.

Being family owned and run, we are thoroughly involved in all aspects of the business. We continue to be closely connected with our customers and our personal commitment to them has always been fundamental to Toffee.




With an emphasis on quality imitative of the days when things were built to last, we produce accessories that are not only durable but good looking, too.

Offering a fresh perspective on design, toffee products sit perfectly alongside stylish lifestyle accessories with the added inclusion of functionality for our digital devices.  Personal style is a constant consideration during development ensuring that the finished product complements rather than detracts from one’s own individuality.

Drawing inspiration from Sydney’s urban yet laid back culture, our designs will carry you through with comfort and style – from relaxing in a café to having your coffee ‘to go’ as you hotfoot it to a meeting.


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We employ a highly skilled and dedicated team committed to crafting products of the upmost quality.  The collections are built around a framework of specially sourced premium materials and the most durable hardware available.  Genuine leathers, such as our signature naturally milled leather, are handpicked for their soft quality and ability to improve with age. Our durable waxed canvas products provide a water resistant casing, important for tech devices, and complement the range perfectly.

Each and every detail is thoughtfully considered.  Leather zip liners are included on sleeves to provide the products with extra protection from the robust and routinely used YKK zips.  The interiors are reinforced and lined with padding that safeguard the device without compromising good design.  Forever evolving, toffee’s latest collection sees the welcome addition of high quality naturally milled leather in black and tan, thoughtfully designed with hidey-hole sections for all our modern devices.